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PN1931: Handle Retrofit Kit—Model B,C

PN1931: Handle Retrofit Kit—Model B,C

SKU: PN1931
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Part Number: 1931

For use with Model B and C Indoor Rowers. This kit allows you to retrofit the handle that comes standard on the Model D, E and  Dynamic Indoor Rowers to your Model B or C. Handle is 19" long with overmolded grips and features an ergonomic 10-degree bend that better simulates arm position of on water rowing and provides a more comfortable position throughout the rowing stroke. See more info.

Kit includes one handle and two nylock nuts.

Note: If you are retrofitting this handle to a Model B Indoor Rower, we recommend purchasing a new handle hook (part number 433), because the original Model B handle hook does not accommodate the new handle. Part number 433 is also packaged with the Model B Flexfoot Retrofit kit (part number 597), so if you have already installed the flexfoot retrofit kit on your Model B (or are planning to purchase it in addition to the new handle), then you do not need to order part number 433.

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