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  • How do I assemble my new Concept2 (Row/Ski/Bike) Ergometer?
    Concept2 Products are engineered to be easy to assemble. Instructions and tools are included with your purchase. For straightforward video guides and additional information, check out the following links: 1. ROWERG Assembly 2. SKIERG Assembly 3. BIKEERG Assembly
  • What is the warranty on Concept2 Products?
    All C2s are backed by a limited 2-year and 5-year warranty from the date of purchase. For information on the global warranty, please see the following links: 1. ROWERG Warranty 2. SKIERG Warranty 3. BIKEERG Warranty
  • What APPs work with Concept2?
    There are a ton of different APPs available for your Concept2. Please check the following link to see a list of your options: APPs for the Concept2
  • How to use/start on my new Concept2?
    Great question and please see the following links for resources on using your Concept2 Ergometer; Getting Started ROWERG (How 2) SKIERG (How 2) BIKEERG (Starting out)
  • What is 42?
    (1)The number that falls between 41 and 43. (2) The answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. (3) A strong indication that your SPM are at an unsustainable level. (4) Number of baseball great Jackie Robinson.
  • What if my questions is not listed in the FAQs?
    No worries! I am sure we have an answer, and in most cases it will probably be helpful. In order to get an answer please send us a note with your questions via the contact page. You will receive an answer directly from us.
  • What if I want to purchase Concept2 for markets outside of Singapore?
    Send us a note via the contact form and let us know the details. We will do our best to help.
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