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10 Reasons to Use ErgData in 2024

With ten great reasons to use our free ErgData app, are there any reasons not to? Check it out and decide for yourself!

  1. It’s so easy to upload your workouts and meters to your Concept2 Online Logbook. Manual entry is a thing of the past!

  2. You can share workouts with friends and teammates. Once you’ve created the workout, hit the Share button and you can email the workout, either before or after you’ve done it. The recipient can load the workout into their ErgData with one click.

  3. New! The Challenges section on ErgData displays the current, upcoming and recent challenges, and gives you one-click access to view your progress to date. Never miss a challenge!

  4. The WOD (Workout of the Day) is available in the Workout section. Click on WOD in the top menu to see the workout, then click Ready to load it onto your PM5. It’s that quick and easy!

  5. PM5 firmware updates can now be done wirelessly from ErgData. Read more here to see if this will work for your PM.

  6. Join the greater Concept2 community on the Real Time Loop. You may work out alone, but seeing others in real time rowing, skiing or riding on the loop lends camaraderie to your workout.

  7. For visually impaired erg users, or anyone, ErgData offers audio guidance. Go into Settings (bottom right), choose Audio Guidance. You will then be able to set parameters like speed and volume and choose which cues you wish to hear.

  8. ErgData is compatible with the Apple Watch. Watch users can see heart rate data during the workout and in their logbook afterwards. Our companion watch app is automatically installed when you download ErgData for your phone.

  9. You will have even more data at your fingertips, and the data screens can be configured the way you want them.

  10. And finally, it’s free! There’s no cost to you and no subscription is required.

Not on ErgData yet? Check out this video for a quick guide to getting started.

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