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PN2392: RowErg Device Holder Retrofit Kit (Model E PM5)

PN2392: RowErg Device Holder Retrofit Kit (Model E PM5)

SKU: PN2392
Tax Included

Part Number: 2390


Our device holder keeps your smartphone or tablet securely in place. Fits everything from small smartphones to large tablets, such as the iPad Pro. Adjusts quickly and easily.


Buying a new RowErg? The Device Holder is included! No need to buy it separately.


Compatible w/ the Model E RowErg. Choose the correct kit for your monitor. If not listed, that kit is out of stock.


Model D Rowerg is PN2390

The Device Holder comes with new Concept2 RowErgs and does not need to be purchased separately when buying a new machine.

The Retrofit Kit is compatible with Model C, Model D (PN2390) and Model E RowErgs (PN2392). There are separate kits for the PM5 and for older monitors (PM4, PM3 and PM2). Please make sure you choose the correct kit for your monitor when purchasing.


  • The vertical clamping range of the device holder is 3–9 inches (7.5–23 cm). This fits most smartphones and tablets, including the 12.9 inch iPad Pro.
  • Compatible with most device cases.
  • Holds your device securely in place.
  • Adjustable lower bracket makes it easy to switch between devices.
  • Pivoting monitor arm lets you adjust your viewing angle.

Purchase Includes:

  • Monitor arm
  • Lower bracket
  • All necessary hardware
  • Instructions
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